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"Health is blessing,
Valued Most by those deprived of it"

New Project

An illness can be emotionally and financially draining. Accessing the right medical expertise and having the ability to pay for the treatment are major concerns. The reason why at Gulf Takaful insurance company have

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General Accidents

Money Insurance

The funds for the purposes of this insurance means the (moneys) whether they are paper money, coins, cheques (whether opened or crossed) or postal stamps that are used in correspondences or payment orders.

This policy covers all risks to which these funds are exposed such as the theft or fire due to accident or any other risks not excluded in the policy as follows:

Trip of cash money transportation (defined above) related to your company during the transportation between your head-office, branches, different sites and different banks.

In addition to its coverage during its existence in the building throughout the official working hours.

During its existence inside the closed steel safes in addition to the compensation for the value of the safe exposed to damages or destruction during stealing.

Fidelity Guarantee Policy

This policy provides the necessary protection for the assets of the establishment/ company such as the cash moneys (liquid) and assets in rem during its existence in the custody or under the supervision of any employee with the insured it such assets exposed to loss due to the incidents of forgery, pilferage, sealing and fraud committed by the employees with whom such funds and assets are deposited.

The persons who shall usually be insured are the collectors, cashiers, store and warehouse keepers, accountants and any other person who has access or it is easy for them to access to the funds or assets.

Personal Accident Policy

This policy provides the coverage against personal accidents of the insured that include (God forbid) death due to accident, permanent partial disability resulted from accident, permanent total disability resulted from accident, temporary total disability resulted from accident or the expenses of returning the corpse.

Travel Insurance

In order to eliminate the negative effect of unexpected pressures and difficulties, Gulf Takaful Insurance Company shall settle the incurred medical expenses arising from and emergency medical treatment during a business trip and / or a vacation.

Gulf Takaful offers a wide range of travel insurance covers which includes:

  • Medical expenses and hospitalisation abroad
    This cover is subject to a limited of (According to Schedule) per Insured per year, and in the aggregate with a deductible of (According to Schedule) each and every claim.
  • Transport or repatriation in the event of illness or of injury of an Insured during the course of a trip.
  • Emergency Dental CareThe maximum limit of the expenses for this benefit will be US$ 600 with a deductible amount of 60 USD.
  • Repatriation of the immediate family member travelling with the Insured.
  • Repatriation of mortal remainsPayment of expenses for interment, cremation or funeral ceremony is excluded from this guarantee.
  • Return of dependent child
  • Travel and stay over of one immediate family member
  • Emergency return home following death of a close family member. The Insured shall furnish the evidence, documents or certificates of the event, which caused the journey to be cut short (death certificate).
  • Dispatch of Medication
  • Relay of Urgent Messages
  • Long distance Medical Information Service
  • Medical referral/appointment of local medical specialist
  • Connection services
  • Loss of credit card
  • Advance of bail bond