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"Health is blessing,
Valued Most by those deprived of it"

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An illness can be emotionally and financially draining. Accessing the right medical expertise and having the ability to pay for the treatment are major concerns. The reason why at Gulf Takaful insurance company have

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Liabilities Insurance

Workmen's Compensation

Based on this insurance if any worker, carries out manual or mental work in consideration of wage under the supervision or orders of the insured, exposed at any time during the insurance period to body injuries due to accident during or because of conducting a work for the insured, and if the insured in responsible for paying a compensation for this injury according to the law or the laws provided for in the policy, then the insured will be indemnified for all amounts for which he is responsible for, furthermore the company shall pay all fees and expenses paid according to its consent for defense against any claim to acquire such compensation.

Professional Indemnity

This policy covers the vocational liability of engineers and architectures as well as covers the mistakes to take out the non-intended default which resulted from negligence, mistakes or misconduct during the execution of insured activities that cause material damage or body injury for third parties provided that the liability of the insured shall be established, it includes also the expenses incurred by the insured to defend for or settle any claim or allegation.

Insurance policy for medical professions mistakes:

It covers the liability of medical workers against third parties (patients) that may occur due to negligence, mistakes or misconduct during the execution of their vocational activity provided that this liability shall be legally established.

Insurance policy for auditors' and chartered accounts' mistakes:

Covers the liability of auditors and chartered accounts against any mistake, negligence, default or misconduct during the execution of their vocational activity that result in filing a claim by third parties for compensation or injury occurred to them due to this.

Insurance policy for the mistakes of lawyers:

Covers the liability of lawyers toward their customers for the negligence, mistakes, default or misconduct during their execution of legal activity, provided that such liability shall be legally established.

Insurance policy for the mistakes of financial professions:

This type of insurance is for banks and financial companies (investment, exchange, etc.) and covers the legal liability for any financial losses resulted from negligence, mistake, default or misconduct done by the employees of the bank and financial companies toward others, provided that the liability of insured shall be legally established.

Employer Liability Policy

This type of insurance provides the necessary protection for the employers who are legally responsible for the claims of compensation filed by the employees exposed to body injuries, death or diseases resulted from:

  • Default of the employer.
  • Not providing qualified workers, buildings or factories that have appropriate system and security for work by the employer.
  • Negligence by the employees of the employers.

Third Party Liability

This policy covers the liability toward third parties due to:

  • Incidental body injuries (fatal or non fatal) occurred to any person (provided that no one of the members of the insured family is working with him or providing services to him at the time of accident occurrence).
  • Direct incidental damage caused to properties (provided that these properties shall not be owned by, under the receivership or supervision of the insured or any person working with him, or the insured or such person is working thereto).
  • The coverage includes the financial and body damages caused to the public and the company is responsible therefor.

Also this policy may be extended to cover the liability resulted from:

  • Fire and explosions
  • Accidents cause by lifting machines, elevators, etc.